Our Bonding Experience Q&A :)

When did you meet?

We met in 1st grade and both went to St. Louis Park Schools together from Elementary School until we graduated from Highschool.

When did you start dating?  

Junior year of College.  Jason went to U of WI, Madison and I went to U of M, Twin Cities. We have been together for over 9 years.

When did Christine convert to Judaism?

About 3 years ago.  "Living a Jewish life is wonderful and the best part is I still get to be Chinese which is really easy during Christmas as my family was already going to the movies and eating Chinese food anyway :P" - Christine

How did the engagement take place?  

Jason hid the ring box in the bunny's carrier as he went to visit Christine who was teaching Rabbit Agility. As she opened the carrier to let the buns out the box rolled out...COVERED IN BUNNY PEE!!! Axela was overwhelmed with excitement and decided to bless the ring! Christine at this moment was very flustered and wondering what on earth this box was doing in the carrier and now covered with pee! Jason asked her to open the box...she did...and he then asked her "Don't you think it is time to get married" ...she said yes...and then immediately had to teach a Rabbit Agility class in a dazed state Jason enjoyed her behavior thoroughly..

Tell us about these bunnies we keep hearing about.  

We adopted Rev and Axela almost 7 years ago.  They have made our lives so vibrant and wonderful. We both teach Rabbit Agility here in the Twin Cities and share our joy of bunnies with others. (and yes they are litter trained and roam freely in our bedroom 24/7).


What is Rabbit Agility?

Where we train bunnies to traverse a complex obstacle course, first on a harness and eventually by voice command only. RA is very similar to dog agility...a great way for rabbits to exercise and hone in on their natural agility ability. 

Tell us something interesting about you two?  

We both love to travel and in particular visit family around the globe (Hong Kong and South Africa in particular...hi Grandma Chan!!!!!).  


-Christine speaks Cantonese fluently (a southern Chinese dialect).

-One of Jason's hobbies is rebuilding commercial Espresso machines...there is a large two group 220v plumbed into our our kitchen (and 3 more in our garage, 2 upstairs,please talk some sense into him thanks!!!)

Where are you two working now?

Christine is a Business Development Associate & Research Scientist at ATS Labs in Eagan, MN (a private Microbiology & Virology testing facility). Jason was not entirely sure what Christine did when she worked in the laboratory but he is an expert now...just ask him he will not avoid the question in any way.http://www.ats-labs.com/


Jason owns Esmeril Industries, a Medical and Aerospace component manufacturing company he started with his business partner in 2008. Feel free to stop by the facility when you are in town for the wedding since that may be the only time you see him...since he will probably work through the entire wedding :D



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